Innovative Sun Eyewear Levels Up Style Status

Looking to make a “look at me” power fashion statement? Put on a pair of SADRI SunGlams, the sizzling hottest sunglasses to hit the eyewear market. Glasses in general are such a personal experience as they define your look and persona to the outside world. The right eyewear can put on “airs” simply based on design. And in sunglasses, this is a whole other “putting on”—for throwing shade in style. It’s amazing what sunglasses will do for transcending to your alter ego. But don’t go there without SADRI SunGlams for upping your vibe, attitude and day. You’re welcome!

Completing your appearance with the right sunglasses enhances your personal flare, while keeping away the glare of the sun with the perfect facial accessory. This means of course—don’t walk out your door without your SADRI SunGlams!

In your SADRI SunGlams you can expect to attract attention as engaging more self assuredly in public and smiling coolly (to your new admirers). And Ladies, if it’s a “no make-up day,” your SADRI SunGlams have you covered! Take your sunglasses experience to the next level. The SADRI SunGlams will add more panache to your status. Get ready to make some new friends as the world responds to your hot SunGlam self—like a famous celebrity they almost recognize

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When ophthalmologist, Dr. Sadri, and his fashion-forward wife came together, they gave birth to a newborn naturally—creating the foremost exclusive last word in luxury sunglasses design, the SADRI SunGlams.

With Dr. Sadri, a board-certified ophthalmologist, always mindful of innovative ways to protect the eyesight of his valued patients, together with his beautiful therapist wife, Tina Sadri, further thinking of ways to deliver best-in-class “feel good” and “look good” products that meet her husband’s standards—their complementary eyewear launch was only a matter of time. And that time is here and Now.

The Sadris make up the right combination for giving their new “baby” all the eyewear SunGlam a connoisseur of the finest products could want—particularly for creating pivotal moments through the lens of designer specs.

“The Sadri commitment to our valued patrons is to keep making available the finest quality
signature eyewear that we are proud to put our family name on.”


Mona & Tina are sisters, best friends and married to two brothers aka sister-in-laws so they figured all they were missing in their journey was being business partners ….

Mona Sadri has over 15 years of experience with various positions in sales & management. She is currently CFO for the Sadri Ventures Company. As the CFO of the company Mona is planning on managing all aspects of their financial operations including raising capital, strategic and financial planning, and building organizational and system capabilities.

tina sadri sunglasses sadri sunglams